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Dashboard Client

Dashboard is the place for displaying BerryNet's inference image and text results.

BerryNet provides two dashboard clients: FBDashboard and Freeboard.


FBDashboard (framebuffer dashboard) is easy-to-use by only one command:

$ bn_dashboard --no-full-screen --no-decoration --topic berrynet/engine/tflitedetector/result

FBDashboard shows a black screen initially and shows the inference image after received the inference result.


In the example above, the inference engine pasted the text results (bounding boxes and labels) on the image. We use the no-decoration parameter, and FBDashboard will only display the inference image without pasting the text result again.

This makes debugging easy because FBDashboard can

  • listen to an inference engine and display the inference image with or without inference text result flexibly.
  • show the inference text result on console by using the --debug parameter
  • listen to an input client (e.g., camera) and display the input image to see if the input client works as expected.



Freeboard is a browser-based dashboard and displays user-defined widgets (inference image, inference text result, execution logs, etc.)

Open Freeboard on RPi3 with Touchscreen

Open browser and enter the URL:


Your screen will look like

If your BerryNet is running the default detection engine, you can click LOAD FREEBOARD

and choose the default configuration (or at <berrynet-src>/config/dashboard-tflitedetector.json). After the configuration is loaded, Freeboard will look like

Now your Freeboard is ready to receive the inference results from BerryNet.

Open Freeboard on Your Computer

Open browser and enter the URL:


Your screen will look like

For the steps to load configuration, please refer to this section above.

The only difference is that you need to change the MQTT SERVER of data source from localhost to RPi's IP (gateway IP). Click Detection Result

and you can save the new configuration by clicking SAVE FREEBOARD.


For more details about configuration (e.g. how to add widgets), please refer to Freeboard project.

Frequent Questions

  • Q1: I can not see anything on Freeboard?

  • Q2: The status of the data sources look good, but I still can not see anything on Freeboard?

    • A: Please open an issue and share RPi's system log (/var/log/syslog) with us. We will help check the issue.
  • Q3: Can BerryNet support any other dashboard?

    • A: Yes, if a dashboard supports MQTT, BerryNet can support it technically. Please share your favorite dashboard with the community, and we can try to integrate it into BerryNet.