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Data Collector Client

Data collector (bn_data_collector) is useful if you want to store the snapshot and inference results for data analysis.

Steps to enable data collector:

  1. Prepare config file including the topic where AI engine will send inference results to:

    For the default detection engine, you can create a data_collector.json

        "berrynet/engine/tflitedetector/result": "self.update"
  2. Run data collector:

    $ bn_data_collector --data-dirpath /tmp/bn-outdir --topic-config data_collector.json
  3. Check collected results in the indicated directory:

    Every inference result will be saved to two files:

    $ ls /tmp/bn-outdir
    • image, w/ or w/o inference result overlay, depending on the output parameter set to AI engine.
    • text in JSON format, w/o image string in base64 format.