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IMPORTANT: This page is being updated and the content might not be 100% correct.

Engine: Movidius

Movidius neural compute stick (NCS) is an USB device containing Myriad 2, the DLA (Deep Learning Accelerator) chip.

Feature Description
Inference Performance FPS 7.5 for object detection (MobileNet SSD)
Hardware Performance 80~150 GFLOPS [1]
Power Consumption 1W power envelope [2]

BerryNet Movidius Engine helps user to create edge AIoT applications in minutes, and is powered by OpenVINO.

RPi3 w/ 2-NCS UP Squared (w/ Myriad 2)

Enable Movidius Engine

Here are the steps to enable the support:

  1. Install dependencies and inference engine:

    $ bash utils/
  2. Update BerryNet inference engine settings

    1. Edit /usr/local/bin/berrynet-manager
      1. Replace detection_fast_server.service by classify_movidius_server.service
    2. Edit /usr/local/berrynet/config.js
      1. Set config.inferenceEngine from detector to classifier