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One-Time Donations

We accept donations through these channels:

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Recurring Pledges

Why Donate

First, thank you for your generosity and for reading this page.

BerryNet is a 100% FLOSS project, and we appreciate the positive feedback from the community. It encourages DT42 to keep believing in free software and keep our best to put engineering resources into software development.

Currently, the BerryNet project members cover the cost of infrastructure operation, travel, and time to share in the conferences, talks, and education events.

Your generosity can help us keep democratize edge AI technologies to the world.

How The Donation Will Be Used

We promise that we will only use the donation in:

  • Infrastructure operation.
  • Public knowledge-sharing events.

We will make the receipts of every cost public if its financial support comes from the donation.

Bounties for Freedom

If you think that BerryNet will be even more helpful for the world to have some features and you are willing to provide financial support, please feel free to contact us or open a feature request on the GitHub issue.

We promise that the working outputs will always be open and available to everyone.

Backer List

Your name will be shown on the backer list by default.

If you do not want to be listed, please send your name to bofu AT and we will update the lis.

Thank you for believing in free software together.

The BerryNet team.