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Telegram Client

You can receive the notification images (image with classification or detection results) in your Telegram app.

  1. Create Your Telegram Bot and Get Its Access Token.

    1. Install a Telegram app on your mobile or desktop.
    2. Search @botfather and start a conversation.
    3. Send /newbot.
    4. Enter the bot nameļ¼Œthe end of the name has to be bot. E.g., bntest1_bot.
    5. BotFather will sends a message including:

      • Bot link: You can start a conversation with the bot by clicking the link.
      • HTTP API Token (Access Token): Write down the token. It is necessary to run the BerryNet Telegram client.
  2. Get The Chat ID (skip the step currently).

    1. Send a message to the bot.
    2. Open the URL<yourtoken>/getUpdates.
    3. You will find the chat ID in the returned data.
  3. Run BerryNet Telegram Client.

    $ bn_telegram --token <token>

    The token parameter can be a token string or a token filepath:

    • Token string
      • Example: 1234567890:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghi
    • The filepath of the configuration file
      • Any filepath is okay and we suggest $HOME/.config/berrynet/telegram.json.
      • Configuration file format
        $ cat $HOME/.config/berrynet/telegram.json
            "token": "<telegram-token>"

    Note: bn_telegram is not in the latest system image. You can download the source code and run python3 ... before we update the system image.

  4. Send /camera to your bot.

    If you receive the message:

    Dear, I am ready to help send notification

    You will receive notification images in your mobile/desktop Telegram app.