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This tutorial will share how to create a simple surveillance system in your home.


In this tutorial, we will use these HWs:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 or 4
  • RPi camera v2


After followed the steps in Installation, your RPi should be ready to run BerryNet.

Run BerryNet as Surveillance Application

Launch BerryNet

BerryNet starts an example detection application by default:

All the services' status should be "RUNNING".

Launch Dashboard Client

We will see the detection result on Freeboard by following the steps in README.

Launch Camera Client

Camera client is started automatically after booted, so RPi camera or USB camera will keep capturing frame in FPS 6 in background.

The dashboard will keep updating the inference image and text results on it:

For Raspberry Pi 3

Please change the camera client's FPS from 6 to 2 in the default configuration, and reboot the system.


To stop the system, you can execute

$ sudo supervisorcal stop all

If you want to

Hoping that this starting point can help you create your own interesting project!